My beautiful daughter died from CF in March 2010 and I am riding in GearUp4CF this year in her memory.

Eva was a fighter and inspiration to all that knew her. In 2008 I rode in GearUp4CF to celebrate her successful recovery from a double lung transplant that allowed Eva to once again live her life to the fullest. Only months after the surgery, she joined the team in Invermere, painting our faces and cheering us on with her pom-poms in her self-appointed role as chief cheerleader.

This year I will be 65 years old on the ride. That is why I am calling this ride 65 for65Roses; partly because of my age, partly because 65 Roses is a malapropism of Cystic Fibrosis, partly because my daughter’s blog was called 65 RedRoses, and also because I hope to reach the very lofty goal of raising $65,000.

Training to ride for 1200 km over multiple mountain passes to Banff will be very difficult; raising these funds will be just as much of a challenge. Here is where I need your help. Please donate to my ride and help contribute to Eva’s legacy to raise critical funds for CF research and awareness.

Monday 31 March 2014

City TV ( Channel 213) April 1, at 7:40 am.

GearUp4CF 9-day Rider @BillMarkvoort  is @bt_vancouver 's Athlete of the Week! On @CitytvNews tmrw at 740am @CFCanada
This was posted by CF West. For those who are not tweeters, City TV approached me last week about a story on my 65for65Roses campaign and the results will be aired tomorrow at around 7:40 am. (Channel 13 or 213) . The segment is called AOTW of "Athlete of the Week". I have never been athlete of the day or hour or even minute so this was not a hard sell. Let me know what you think.

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